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What is Udio App

What is Udio App

Udio App stands as a music app tailored for both creation and sharing, enabling users to craft music across diverse genres using text cues.

With vocal options spanning gospel, blues, pop, and rap, you can delve into genres such as EDM, piano-jazz, neo-soul, and metal. The app accommodates vocals in various languages, encompassing J-pop, Russian dream pop, reggaeton, and Bollywood music.

Extending clips for longer tracks and defining intro and outro segments are among its features. Upon completion, tracks can be shared within the Udio App community. Designed for ease of use, Udio App fosters creativity through lyric composition, sonic exploration, and genre fusion. Currently in beta, it's freely accessible, allowing users to generate up to 1200 songs monthly.

Udio App information

  • Developed by: Uncharted Labs
  • Licensing: Proprietary and Free product
  • Alternatives: 27 alternatives listed
  • Supported Languages: English
  • Popular alternatives: Suno AI, Stable Audio, Sonauto
Udio App information

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